I am absolutely in love with my new kitchen area.  It has changed the whole dynamic of my family.  It has been said that "the the kitchen is the heart of the home," and for seven years I would get annoyed and frustrated every time I was in my kitchen.  It just did not work for our family!  I had wanted to remodel, but my husband and I could not completely agree on a plan.  And then, of course, there was a budget issue.
I am so happy that I finally called Dana.  This is how she made our dream kitchen a reality:
First, she met with me then my husband separately, since together we were having issues communicating and would end up getting frustrated with one another.  She listened to our overall vision.  Then she was able to integrate a plan that we both agreed on, and met both of our needs.  Dana enabled us to compromise and create a plan for the space that would create the open, happy space that we both desired.
Next, Dana called two contractors and brought them to our house and explained our plan.  She took the stress out of having to deal with contractors on our own.  These were contractors that she had great relationships with, so I trusted that they would be fair, and excellent with their workmanship.  She had them both send her an estimate, and a time frame.  Dana took the stress and weariness out of hiring the best contractor to get the job done.
Finally, although I did a lot of the designing myself, there were times when I was having a hard time making decisions.  These are so many options with flooring, back-splashes, hardware, etc!!  When I needed a professional opinion when it came to making decisions, Dana was just a phone call away, talking me through the options and helping me make the best choice. 
I am so thankful for Dana's help in creating a beautiful, livable, happy space in our home.  It has changed the whole dynamic of our family and the way we spend our time together.  I highly recommend A Pickup Project for your next home remodeling project.  
- Kitchen renovation 


Dana Pickup
Hiring Dana Pickup of A Pickup Project as our project manager was the best decision we made in the process of our large scale home renovation (two story addition, new kitchen, mudroom, etc). She was with us for every step including assessing what kind of firm to hire, interviewing multiple contractors, preparing our space for the work, trouble shooting, decorating and best of all decision making! I cant tell you how many times our contractor asked us a question and my first reaction was to look for her response or advice. She has a fabulous eye and understanding of the construction process which made it easy to trust her suggestions. I understand that it is common for large  projects to be slow, delayed and difficult. People are surprised when I say our project was seamless and finished before scheduled!!! All thanks to Dana. 
- Large scale addition
Dana Pickup